Cleaning Audit: How to Judge the Effectiveness of a Cleaning Company


I know it can be hard when you need to decide on the cleaning professionals you will trust with your cleaning services, especially if you’re resident in Lancashire. It is a thing to consider deeply. There are several things to look out for to ensure the services are up to standard.

Office cleaning services need to be evaluated from time to time. The company you will entrust the cleaning services of your office should not just be effective in their cleaning services but also reliable, consistent, and trustworthy.

Some indicators show if a cleaning service was done to standard. These indicators are called Key Performance Indicators.

Things to Check For When Looking For a Cleaning Company

  1. Quality of service

This is the first and foremost thing to look out for. I am sure you are aware of the challenges of office cleaning due to varying setups. That’s why this indicator is essential. 

To measure this indicator, you should create a routine of auditing your office frequently. You will quickly know how effective and standard the cleaning that is being done is. You should do this audit once in three months.

One surefire way to evaluate the services of a cleaning company is by getting feedback from some of the workers in the office and third party visitors. 

  1. Flexibility and reliability

Another vital thing to note about cleaning companies is their flexibility and reliability. Any cleaning company should be flexible when it comes to rendering their services. They should also be available when needed, either morning or evening. Flexibility is crucial; the cleaning services should accompany the workplace schedule.

Reliability is key. Imagine a case where the cleaning company you hired delayed rendering the service. This could affect planned meetings and events.

  1. Safety and sustainability

A good cleaning company should be responsible for training their staff regarding safety. Safety is essential, especially when dealing with offices with a handful of operational staff daily. The cleaning company must make sure that they assess the possible risks and train their staff regarding health and safety.

A cleaning company should not be ignorant that it has a lot of effect on the environment. The mantra should be to deliver quality services every time.


Getting a good and capable professional cleaning company in Lancashire does not have to be hard. We at Boss Cleaning Specialists are here to show you what the standard looks like; check us out today!



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