Getting an End of Tenancy Cleaning


Are you at the end of your tenancy at the moment? If yes, you are probably looking to get an end of tenancy cleaning before you finally leave the house or apartment. Or you are a landlord looking to improve your reputation by getting an end of tenancy cleaning for your property? This is for you!

What is End of Tenancy Cleaning?

The cleaning is done at the end of a tenant’s rent period. Either the tenant or the landlord can ensure that end of tenancy cleaning is done. 

End of tenancy cleaning is essential and can boost a landlord’s reputation. Anyone who has moved into an apartment not having to do a big job cleaning the whole apartment would agree that it is a huge relief.

The end of tenancy cleaning involves ensuring the cleaning, deep cleaning and disinfection of items in the apartment. Items that are cleaned include rugs, furniture, windows, curtain, blinds etc. Rooms like bathrooms and kitchens prone to infections must also be cleaned and disinfected.

Can I Do The End of Tenancy Cleaning Myself?

It is something you can decide to do on your own, mostly. You only will have issues when you have to do your carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Your agreement with your landlord might also determine if you can do the cleaning on your own or if you have to hire a professional cleaning service. Check the agreement. Your agreement with your landlord may read that you submit a cleaning receipt from a professional cleaning service to make sure the cleaning will be up to standard.

What Should I Leave For The Professionals?

As stated earlier, even though you can embark on the quest of doing the end of the tenancy cleaning yourself, there are some parts of cleaning that will need professional hands. 

A perfect example is your carpet and upholstery. No, it is not the regular vacuum cleaning you would give your carpet. A professional will steam clean and shampoo the rug because of the fibre. The fibres can store germs, hence the need to shampoo the hair. By the time they are done with the process, the carpet will look much anew.


The best option is getting professional help when it comes to the end of tenancy cleaning here in Lancashire. Boss Cleaning Specialists can give you the quality services you need. Entrust us with your end of tenancy cleaning, and quality is everything you will get. Check us out and get a free quote today.



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