How to Clean an Office Professionally


One of the most popular questions is about how to clean an office when it comes to cleaning. It is an environment that is often open to the public and that, for this reason, must be cleaned from top to bottom in an optimal manner.

Cleaning an office is something that must be done regularly. Working in a clean environment is very important, including for your health. Dust and dirt can cause, for example, allergic reactions affecting the respiratory tract.


When we think of cleaning in offices, we consider desks, computers, and landlines, as these areas are the most subject to contact and, therefore, contamination.

Indeed, the phone, keyboard, and mouse are among the dirtiest tools in the office, a real haunt of bacteria. It is essential to carry out a frequent disinfection action to eliminate any impurities to perfection to clean them. Even the cleaning of the PC screen must be carried out periodically; in this case, the operation must be carried out with extreme delicacy because the dust can scratch the screen and ruin it permanently. It is also important to remember to pour the product on the cloth and never directly into the monitor.

The toilets are also among the areas with the highest amount of bacteria, requiring thorough and daily cleaning. Always present sanitizing soap and a hand drying system are essential elements for a healthy and sanitized toilet. Attention must also be paid to the sanitation of the surfaces with which it comes into contact, such as doors, handles, and sink knobs.

How do I clean my office? 

  • The first step involves a thorough dusting of the surfaces, also and above all of the less accessible or less visible areas. To guarantee an optimal hygienic state, the cloth used must be replaced according to the level of dirt on the surfaces.
  • The second step consists in cleansing the spaces. The cloths used for cleaning floors must be replaced every 20 square meters and at each local change. Pay attention to the products used: they must be effective but not aggressive on the surfaces and, preferably, have a low environmental impact.
  • After cleansing, dry carefully with a perfectly clean cloth to prepare the surface for disinfection.

The disinfectant must be applied at the end because dirt can reduce its effectiveness. Again, choosing the right product is essential for excellent yield.


Cleaning activities must be carried out starting from the top down to avoid contaminating the surfaces already cleaned. Therefore, it is advisable to start from the ceilings and continue with the chandeliers and the upper parts of the furniture to get to the desks and, finally, to the floors. The order should also follow the degree of soiling, from the cleanest to the dirtiest surface. For example, in the bathroom, you start with the flush button, move on to the toilet lid, and then to the toilet.


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